“After years of battling Postnatal Depression and Anxiety I was recommended to see Sarah. I felt this was my final big chance to get better again. I can’t express how difficult it was for me to attend my first counselling session with her. I sat outside in my car for ages, sweaty palms and heart racing. What a hurdle! However, as soon as Sarah welcomed me in I instantly felt her kindness and compassion. She has such a gentle manner about her. The first few sessions were exhaustingly emotional (I owe her a box of kleenex tissues, lol) but I ploughed on and on and gradually started to feel more positive, I was able to think clearer, able to adjust my day to day life for the better, and therefore improved my ability to cope. I have just completed 8 sessions with Sarah, and I can honestly say that when I think back to how poorly I was a few weeks ago compared to how I feel now, I am like a different person. Still got some recovery to go, but in my opinion I wouldn’t be feeling as good now if I hadn’t met Sarah.

If you require a counsellor who is professional yet friendly, caring, and gentle then Sarah is the person for you. I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough.” 

Kirsty, Edinburgh


“I had my daughter in September and from day 1 I was filled with huge levels of anxiety and experienced a massive loss of confidence. I couldn’t believe that the child my husband and I had so dearly wanted had arrived with such a shock to the system. I even wandered if we’d made a mistake having her in the first place.

At the same time my depression made me fear I was a burden to those around me and not much good for my daughter. I felt I needed some one to help me deal with the huge tangle of conflicting emotions I was experiencing so I reached out to Sarah.

I’d heard about Birth and Beyond from a pal and much of what this pal had experienced rang true for me so I hoped Sarah could help me too.

Sarah is incredibly warm and would make anyone feel at ease and able to pour out their thoughts and fears. I did just that and after a couple of sessions began to see my thoughts and feelings in some perspective.  Even see the funnier side of my darker moments.

I’ve much more work to do, but I would still be swamped by it all and totally unable to face the challenge without Sarah’s encouragement and gentle support. Her wisdom and empathy are powerful tools! ” 

Sophie, Edinburgh


"Sarah is very welcoming, warm and friendly. I found her approach to counselling easy to relate to. With every session I came away with helpful questions and thoughts to work on."

Marion, Edinburgh

Baby Kind Newborn Observations

“Sarah visited us at home when our daughter was 3 months old to do a Newborn Behavioural Observation session. As first-time parents, my husband and I found the experience to be a very interesting one. Sarah clearly loves what she does and interacted with Esme in a gentle and caring way throughout. It was interesting to hear how Esme’s responses to various stimuli compared with that of other babies and what this might mean in terms of us responding to her needs effectively. The session gave us lots of food for thought and reassurance at a time when we very much needed it.”

Becky and Esme, Stockbridge

“Sarah visited my daughter and I when Celia was about seven weeks old. She showed me how to read subtle cues from Celia that were really helpful, such as when she wanted me to engage with her and when she really wasn’t interested in something and not to force it! It made me feel more confident with Celia and that she really was able to communicate with me in her own small ways.”

Julia and Celia, Edinburgh

“Sarah came over when our daughter was just a couple of weeks old and gave us some really interesting tips which we have used since to read when she’s tired or overstimulated. She was really natural and confident around Freya and put us all at ease.”

Hannah and Freya, Dunbar

The Parent Kind Course

The Parent Kind course is aimed at anyone with any kind of uncertainty or anxiety about becoming a parent. Through the various sessions you cover a range of topics including your expectations of becoming a parent versus the reality, your connection with your baby and changes to your relationships. Sarah is a patient and calm listener with a gentle, non-judgemental manner. Sessions take place in a peaceful environment and I very much felt I could be myself. In a society where the traditional family support network may be far away or non existent this course can bridge the gap and it offered me a brilliant start to motherhood; I’d go so far as to say that without it I’d be much further behind in understanding, accepting and ultimately enjoying my new role in this world – highly recommended.”

Victoria, Musselburgh

“For me Sarah was the right person at the right time. After a miscarriage I had put my feelings on hold and when my son was born after a traumatic labour I badly needed to mend myself but I felt overwhelmed with the pressures and expectations to solely focus on my son who was still a stranger. From first meeting Sarah was warm, kind and nuturing and with every session I felt myself mending and more able to heal myself and bond with my son. She seemed to know what you needed, be that time for thought, a glass of water and cakes to keep up the energy for nursing or to take baby for a minute to let you remember what being you feels like.“

Hannah, Portobello

“I found doing the Parent Kind course to be a great support in the first few months of being a mother – as a group we explored lots of issues that come with being a new parent – talking about them and hearing other views and experiences was cathartic and gave me more confidence when I was feeling at my most vulnerable. I would definitely recommend this to any new mothers!”

Lucy, Duddingston

I’m a brand new mum and although I had attended ante-natal classes, nothing had really prepared me beyond the basics for what happens after giving birth and when you take the baby home! The Parent Kind classes were excellent as not only did I meet other new mums to compare notes, the topics we discussed really made me examine my own expectations of becoming a mother and also helped me to consider all the changes going on around me. I looked forward to the weekly sessions and would highly recommend the course. It was a great support!”

Joanna, Stockbridge

“Thank you for the opportunity to explore what it is like to become a mother, but also to keep a hold of who you are as a person. Before my daughter was born, I knew I was in for a big change, but in those first few months when you feel like you’re being tossed around in the surf, it was invaluable to be able to have these kind and intelligent discussions about how life had turned upside down and how you could still keep a hold of yourself and love it all the same. I came out of it happier, more confident and clear in the direction I was going… with some good friends too!”

Jo, Blackhall

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